How to clean the irrigation pipe?

Good water quality is extremely important for a grower. Polluted water has an adverse effect on the growth of the crop. Therefore, it is important to monitor and check the water quality as best as possible. One of the aspects here is the cleaning of the irrigation pipe. After a while, biofilm is created inside, which may lead to blockings. Also it causes the water to contain less oxygen. In this article our specialist explains how to easily clean the irrigation pipe.

How to clean the irrigation pipe?
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Cleaning of irrigation pipe
The most effective way to clean the irrigation pipe is by use of the disinfectant Huwa-San. When cleaning the irrigation pipe, observe the following steps: 

Establish the degree of pollution. In case of light pollution, use a dosing of 0.2% Huwa-San. In case of moderate pollution, use 0.5% and in case of severe pollution, use 0.7%. When in doubt about the right dosing, consult a specialist. 

See photos above: for example making a connection at the end of the irrigation pipe by means of a piece PVC (both at the beginning and at the end of the pipe); this to be able to work safely and near the substrate. 

Connect a storage vessel (for example an Empas spraying trolley) with the right concentration on the one side of the irrigation pipe and connect a hose to the other side of the irrigation pipe, so you can capture the water. 

Turn the irrigation pipe, so the sprayers are pointing upwards. 

Now turn on the dosing pump of the storage vessel, so that the irrigation pipe is filled from one side. On the other side, using a hydrogen peroxide strip, when the solution Huwa-San reaches this point. Please note: apply low pressure, because otherwise the sprayers may start to rotate and high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are sprayed around! 

As soon as the solution has reached the other side of the irrigation pipe, you close the tap on both sides. 

Leave it for at least 12 hours, allowing the agent enough time to become effective. 

After 12 hours you can thoroughly rinse the irrigation pipe. Use hydrogen peroxide strips to check if all active substance is removed from the irrigation pipe. 

Then turn the irrigation pipe so that the sprayers point down again and thoroughly rinse again. 

Use the hydrogen peroxide strips to check once again if no Huwa-San is left in the irrigation pipe. 

Personal protective equipment
When cleaning the irrigation pipe, consider your own safety and ensure to wear the right personal protective equipment. When using Huwa-San, it should be gloves, a face shield and protective clothing. 

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