How Silicon can produce multiple benefits in commercial cultivation

Silicon is a widely-discussed element that increasing numbers of growers are using to help strengthen their crops and boost resistance. Knowledge about the impact of this micro-nutrient on crops is continuing to grow. Si is one of the basic components of sandy and clay soil, but it rarely occurs in a form that can be readily taken up by plants - even though plants clearly benefit from Si.

How Silicon can produce multiple benefits in commercial cultivation

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Silicon has been found to provide multiple benefits to plants in general,
  •  more intense flower colour: continues through to full bloom
  •  thicker, harder leaves and better leaf arrangement
  •  stronger cell walls
  •  better root penetration
  •  higher chlorophyll production, leading to more photosynthesis
  •  plant resistance increases
  •  transpiration decreases, less drought stress
  •  redistribution of Ca and Mn, reducing the risk of nutrient toxicity
  •  larger quantity of the CO2 fixation enzyme Rubisco


For many years now Cannabis growers have been raving about the benefits of Silicon, especially for creating stronger stems that can support large colas. However the challenges of using traditional forms of Silicon delivery like Potassium Silicate proved too difficult for a lot of commercial cultivators. The main reason for this were the fluctuations in pH levels and consistent blockages throughout the irrigation system.
Now days products like SilicaPower which contain orthosilicic acid, (H4SiO4) are easily dissolved into mixing tanks, create zero pH fluctuations and produce zero residues. 

For this reason, Silicon can provide benefits to plants throughout the whole life cycle.


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