How can the greenhouse roof be safely cleaned?

Light transmission is an important factor for a good climate within the greenhouse and harvesting results. Within a short time, the first contamination becomes visible on the glass of the greenhouse roof and moss could start growing in the gutters. As a result, some percentages of light normally entering the greenhouse, are lost. Growers try to prevent this as much as possible by regularly cleaning the roof of their greenhouse. But how can you safely clean the roof of your greenhouse? Continue reading this article to get more information from our specialist.

How can the greenhouse roof be safely cleaned?


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Safety measures for manual cleaning
Working at height brings along all kinds of dangers. This is why it is very important to take the right safety measures (such as safety harness) when carrying out activities such as manually cleaning the roof of a greenhouse. Like this, the force of the fall and its effects are reduced as much as possible. When manually cleaning theroof of a greenhouse, always make use of a gutter trolley. It offers a firm grip, making it easier to walk through the gutters and being more stable.


Machine cleaning with a deck washer
However, the safest way to clean the roof of a greenhouse is by using a greenhouse roof cleaner. This is a machine with brushes, which is placed on a platform and starts cleaning automatically. If making use of a greenhouse roof cleaner, employees no longer have to take risks by doing dangerous work on the roof of the greenhouse. The cleaner can be operated manually (from the ground) or fully automatically. 

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