Grodan University: Cannabis growth phase model

 Grodan University: Cannabis growth phase model
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Phase 1. Planting and rooting in: Vegetative growth 
The duration of this phase will vary significantly based on the final desired plant height. Lower leaves that not getting light should be removed in order to force the head height up and also to avoid stem rot from poor climate around the base of the plant. By the end of this phase the plant should be in its final location with supports and trellises in place, ready to flower.

Phase 2. Rooting through and crop development: Flower initiation ( mild generative strategy) 
During this phase the photoperiod is be reduced to 12 hours to induce flowering. Pre-flowers (pistils clustering from the bud sites) will begin to form. Lower leaves, branches, and even lower flowers should be removed to focus development on the upper canopy. Once flower initiation occurs, inter-nodal stretching will take place.

Phase 3. Balanced growth: flower setting and bud formation (generative) 
At this point the flowers will begin expanding to their full size. Plants should be pruned to allow maximum light penetration to the inner canopy. Once flowers are fully set, branch and bud removal should cease and plant stresses should be kept to a minimum.  Any leaves which are lacking light, insect eaten, or disease ridden should still be removed.

Phase 4. Flower and growth balance: filling flowers (balancing toward vegetative) 
Flowers are in full expansion mode and terpenoid development will begin to spike. Branches will start getting heavy and falling over if not properly supported.  Pistils will turn amber in colour and trichomes will start appearing cloudy.

Phase 5. Ripening of flowers ready for harvest: Pre-harvest flush (generative) 
Based on maturation of trichomes, a pre-harvest flush should begin 1-2 weeks prior to harvest. Large leaves will begin to yellow from the low EC and the plant will be feeding off internally stored nutrients.

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