End-to-end automation

The legal cannabis industry is blossoming. As one state after another legalizes and begins to regulate medical cannabis — and, often soon after, recreational cannabis — hundreds of cultivation facilities have sprung up around the U.S., giving customers more choices than ever. To thrive in this industry, cannabis producers need to produce high-quality, distinctive products — while protecting their bottom lines. Growing and harvesting cannabis can be expensive and labor-intensive. That’s why more and more marijuana industry players are turning to cannabis tech to help them automate their production processes.

End-to-end automation — cannabis tech that automates nearly every part of the harvesting and production process, minimizing human error and protecting the purity of cannabis — is revolutionizing the industry.

 End-to-end automation


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The Technology Behind GreenBroz Cannabis Harvesting Solutions Destemming
The first step in the GreenBroz automated cannabis harvesting process is destemming. Colloquially known as “bucking,” destemming is the process of removing cannabis flowers and leaves from the plant’s stem. Flowers and leaves are used in most commercial marijuana products. Some producers find uses for stems, but for most industrial growers, it’s the flowers that matter most.

The 215 CannaGin Destemmer can process can increase the rate of de-stemming to 4 plus pounds per hour, making it much more efficient than human bucking. While the flower still requires the same amount of drying time, this improved process greatly decreases the time between cut down and the next step in the harvest by performing the destemming operation faster than hand-labor — meaning the flower spends less time in an uncontrolled environment where it can be impacted by contamination, environmental factors, or other issues that can degrade the final product.

The Destemmer features two to four (depending on the selected faceplate) stainless steel spring-loaded shearing doors, which allows for tension to be applied to thicker stems. Speeds can be customized from 0 to 80 RPM based on the needs of your cannabis harvesting process. You can even lock in your preferred speed so the machine defaults to that speed the next time you use it.

The standard destemmer comes with two shearing doors. An optional add-on faceplate has four shearing doors — the same stainless steel, spring-loaded, high-quality material — allowing the user to change out faceplates during cleaning or to assign specific faceplates to specific strains or grow methods.


Once cannabis flowers have been destemmed, they need to be sorted by size so they can be processed efficiently. The GreenBroz Sorter automates this process, eliminating a time-consuming step in your harvest. When cannabis is sorted faster, it can move through the process faster, again reducing the time your flower spends in a more varied, uncontrolled environment.

The GreenBroz Sorter is built from stainless steel and polyurethane, reducing the chances of contamination. The technology is designed to be intuitive while maintaining a number of customization options for users who want to control sizing and speed. To further increase throughput, GreenBroz just debuted a new rise conveyor which allows you to feed the sorter at even higher volumes, increasing the efficiency even further.

What sets our sorter apart most, though, is that we do not use the vibration method that can be harsh on cannabis flower. Instead, our technology sorts flower using a conveyer and band system. This results in a gentle handling function that maintains your product quality without compromising speed or accuracy.


The End to End-REDUX Video

Dry Trimming
After cannabis has been destemmed, sorted, and dried, it’s time to trim the flowers to get them ready for your end-products. The GreenBroz Model M Dry Cannabis Trimmer (works great for hemp as well) is designed to mimic the act of hand-trimming a cannabis harvest while increasing the consistency and efficiency of the harvest process.

This cannabis trimmer is designed to be gentle, quiet, and as easy as possible to clean. Our patented blade design is built from surgical-grade stainless steel and allows the flower to roll gently inside, maintaining the potency, shape, and quality of your cannabis harvest.

As gentle as the Model M Dry Trimmer is, it can still process 8 to 12 pounds of cannabis per hour, conservatively.

To clean the cannabis trimmer, simply take apart the cutting chamber, blades, and exit door and clean them as desired. The control panel is outside the machine and the motor is sealed, allowing you to remove the control panel and wash down the machine without any further breakdown (yes that means the motor is washdown ready too).

This improved breakdown ability, in comparison to previous models, eliminates the problem of contaminants in hard-to-reach corners, which helps GreenBroz Model M users remain in compliance with local, state, or country regulations.

As proud as we are of the Model M Dry Trimmer, we’re thrilled to be bringing Model Z cannabis trimmer to market later in 2020.


Precision Batching - With Custom Packaging Lines
The GreenBroz Precision Batcher allows cannabis producers to batch their products accurately and efficiently, with little to no human contact that could contaminate or degrade the products. This device weighs and batches cannabis in accordance with a batch size set by the operator. However, the batch size is just the tip of the iceberg. Users can define custom rules within a batch itself, giving you more control over your end-product.

For example, take a 3.5-gram package (an eighth). Not only can you set the tolerance to an industry-leading hundredth of a gram (which will drastically reduce your overpack), you can also add specific rules within the batch. For instance, you can set parameters that each batch has a 2-gram ‘hero’ piece, some medium pieces, and then smalls, ensuring every customer gets the same experience, every time, and no one leaves your dispensary with a bag of shake.

In terms of the overpack, we can provide case studies from clients who saw their overpack go from 10-12% down to 2-3%. Over $1,000,000 of product, that’s as much as $100,000 going to overpack! That can be the difference between staying in business or having to close shop.

The Precision Batcher uses patented AirKush technology to move cannabis or hemp with gentle puffs of air rather than vibration, preserving the integrity of the flower to the very end of the process.

The final step in the production process is packaging. The Indexing and Jarring Line add-on option is designed to package marijuana or hemp at scale. When paired with the Precision Batcher, the Indexing and Jarring Line can package 800 to 1,000 units per hour.

Because every cultivation facility is different, every Indexing and Jarring Line is custom-built to meet the needs and size restrictions of the space, as well as to fit whatever end-packaging your business is using. Whether you’re manufacturing medical cannabis products for established dispensaries or recreational products for your state’s burgeoning market, we can help. (To the left is an example of one indexing and jarring line we can provide, but each one will look different based on your needs).

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