How can the amount of oxygen in water be increased?

Water quality is one of the main pillars for the cultivation is has great influence on the health of plants. One of the most important factors of the water quality is the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. In this article our specialist will explain how the amount of oxygen in the irrigation water can be increased. 

 How can the amount of oxygen in water be increased?


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What does increased oxygen do to the cultivation? 

Oxygen is an essential element for plants. This element is required for: maintaining sufficient available oxygen in the irrigation water , the support of the plant development, the reduction of stress, prevention of indirect diseases 

By increasing the oxygen level in the root zone, you improve the uptake of nutrients. In addition, it has a positive effect on the root growth and the support of healthy vegetative and generative growth. The entire combination ensures that a plant is resistant to ambient stress and the risk of production loss in reduced. 

Increasing the amount of oxygen in water using nano bubbles 

One way to increase the amount of oxygen in water is to make use of nano bubbles. Nano bubbles are extremely small gas bubbles with different and unique properties. They, as such, behave differently from 'normal' bubbles. Due to their extreme smallness they keep floating in the water. Thanks to these gas bubbles, the water remains saturated for a prolonged time. 

Advantages of nanobubbles 

The greatest advantage of nanobubbles is that the oxygen level in supply water is increased. In ‘normal’ supply water there is a maximum of 8 mg/l oxygen. With the Moleaer nano bubbles generator this can be increased up to no less than 45 mg/l. This allows the entrepreneur more flexibility to maintain the optimal dissolved oxygen level.

Another advantage is that a high level of dissolved oxygen is also retained during warm periods. Furthermore the increased oxygen content has no influence on the redox tension, so nutrients remain in the solution and plant roots are not damaged.

Are the nano bubbles technologically suitable for my cultivation?
The nano bubbles technology can be applied in many different cultivations. It is important though where the nano bubbles are installed in the water system. Heavily turbulent water must be avoided and the temperature difference in the water system should not be too high.

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