Master Tumbler 500 med trimmer

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Product description

The MT Tumbler 500 MED is made entirely of stainless steel in every part through which the raw material may pass for processing and/or may come into contact. Stainless steel has also been used for other parts such as the upper cover, pulleys, bearings, levers, knobs, etc.

All parts are certified for food use. The qualities of its design, materials and finishes allow it to be used to process medical cannabis complying with the most demanding GMP quality standards.


  • Double safety detector in the upper part of the cover and the side cover.
  • Emergency stop at the top for quick stop of the equipment.
  • Stainless steel covers to protect the operator from the cutting mechanisms of the trimmer.


  • P66 abd IP67 waterproof motor.
  • Silicone cover on the controls for the protection of the electrical system.
  • IP67 hermetically sealed electrical system. The electrical system is fully protected by hermetically sealed boxes to prevent direct contact with water.
  • IP67 security detectors, waterproof.