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The Can Hub Essentials line is designed to deliver highly effective inputs for commercial cultivators. With quality and consistency at the core of everything Can-Hub does, the Essentials products are thoroughly tested in commercial environments and proven to produce great results harvest after harvest.

Can-Hub Essentials products are backed by a global network of experts and can be delivered to your door almost anywhere in the world.


Discover Essentials Veg Mix

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Discover Essentials Bloom Mix

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The Can-Hub Essentials fertilizers offer premium commercial quality pre mixed dry B tank fertilizer analysis specific to cannabis. Each of the two blends Veg and Bloom have been specially formulated to match the nutritional requirements of your crop in either of these growth stages. The use of only the finest quality commercial grade raw ingredients ensures excellent solubility allowing the optimum availability of nutrients to your crop at any time while representing excellent value for money. All backed with 130 years of experience at the for front of hi-tech protected horticulture.

Benefits of using Can-Hub Essentials fertilizers:
• User friendly
• Growth stage specific recipe
• Premium commercial quality
• Excellent solubility
• Global availability and support

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What our customers say?
ANTG (Australian Natural Therapeutics Group) is a leading producer of premium-grade plant-based medicines, using optimal genetics and best-practice cultivation. In their state-of-the-art facilities across the country, ANTG applies well-established horticultural methodology for consistent yield and quality.

"We have been using the Royal Brinkman dry salt nutrient bags since January 2022. We ran a small trial in veg and the blend outperformed what we had been using prior, so we knew it was worthy of a larger run.
It is simple to use being a two - part mix that contains all the ingredients needed to grow a plant.
We have found that juggling three or more containers of ingredient is not worth the trouble when you can get great results from a simple A/B fertilizer and we like the idea of shipping only dry salt rather than shipping a load of water.
The salts mix in well and are clean and do not contain organics or ammonia that can grow biologicals in our filters and irrigation drip lines and regulators.
Most importantly we have continued to pass for heavy metals testing while using this blend so the source ingredients have proven of good quality in that respect.
Our plant growth rate in our production facility has improved and the leaves are of good colour without deficiency and while its early days our cannabinoid levels look to be testing consistently higher as well.
Another thing of mention is the good support that we have had on starting this up.”

Rangi Faulder, Director of Plant Performance and Genetics