Can-Hub Priva Aranet Launch

Priva need no introduction when it comes to high-tech horticultural solutions, so when the team at Can-Hub heard that our supply partner Priva were teaming up with Latvian Industrial Microwave data gurus Aranet, we began salivating at the prospect of a rock solid wireless platform that can go pound for pound with any system on the market, while integrating with one of the best environmental control setups in game. Now after a few months of waiting we’re proud to announce that the Priva Aranet platform is available to purchase through Can-Hub!

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Can-Hub Priva Aranet Launch

What does this mean for Cannabis Farmers looking to better understand their crops?

To begin with the Priva Aranet base station connects with up to 100 sensors simultaneously and has a line of site connectivity of up to 3km outdoors and 150m in a greenhouse. Couple this impressive platform with sensors capable of measuring Substrate moisture / EC / Temp, CO₂, PAR Light, Air temp. / Humidity, Stem diameter and Weight of substrate / plants and you have a pretty formidable tool at your disposal right……….. but wait there’s more!

Coming soon

Coming soon Priva will integrate this platform into its new cloud service meaning all of this data will be available on your regular Priva dashboard (Non Priva users still get the Aranet dashboard). The Priva Aranet platform can also integrate with compatible 3rd party sensors like Sendot’s dissolved oxygen or Photosynthesis units meaning for data capture the sky really is the limit.