Drygair DGX launch

Can-Hub introduces the DryGair DGX, the newest model in the DryGair range of dehumidifiers. This smaller model is especially designed and suitable for growing medical cannabis. With the introduction of the DGX, DryGair provides a controllable greenhouse climate in an increasing number of crops, thus improving the quality of the crop.

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Drygair DGX launch

High humidity during cultivation causes diseases and pests, and reduces crop performance. DryGair units reduce humidity levels during cultivation, recirculating air through the space and creating the best growing conditions for each crop. DryGair units not only create an even climate, but also an active climate for the crop, resulting in fewer diseases such as Botrytis and Mildew. Nutrients are transported well through the plant and fewer crop protection treatments are needed during cultivation.


The DryGair DGX is based on the same unique features of its big brother the DG12. DryGair units treat the greenhouse air during cultivation, without the need for outside air. All energy remains in the greenhouse or growing cell; there is no heat loss. This efficient way of dehumidifying the air provides energy savings on gas consumption and therefore contributes to sustainable horticulture. The condensed water that is released is collected and can be reused in cultivation; it is clean and free of diseases.


The unit is characterized by its smaller dimensions: 130 x 110 x 160 cm, it weighs only 375 kg, has the highest efficiency (l/h/KWh) in the range of 13-35°C and can be installed either standing or hanging. The unit is highly efficient in reducing the relative humidity in two working areas, namely 80% RH at 18°C and 60% RH at 26°C. On both sides, the unit is provided with panels to condensate the greenhouse air, up to a total of 16 liters per hour. This DryGair DGX is also provided with the patented air circulation system, which makes this unit very suitable for the cultivation of for instance medicinal cannabis. The unit is equipped with the latest technology including a remote control. This makes it possible to optimize the cultivation conditions of your crop from a distance as well.