Meet us at MJBizCon in Vegas

From the 28th of November until the 1st of December 2023, MJBizCon will take place in Las Vegas Convention Centre. At this event, over 30,000 cannabis executives and entrepreneurs from around the world will be present. Come and meet the Royal Brinkman Can-Hub team together with our partners Green Vault Systems on booth #2426.

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Meet us at MJBizCon in Vegas

MJBizCon experience is the largest cannabis conference and expo. The exhibition will take place in four segmented pavilions:

  • Cultivation Products & Services
  • Processing, Packaging & Lab Services
  • Retail & Dispensary
  • Business Services


Pioneering Cannabis Production Automation


Green Vault Systems is the preferred supplier of industrial grade weighing and packaging equipment for dried flower. We offer professionally engineered solutions which reduce labor costs, increase yields, and improve overall product quality.

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Precision Batcher

Quality. Accurate. Efficient.

The Precision Batcher is the premier equipment designed exclusively for weighing and packaging cannabis flower. Fast, accurate, and gentle for significant trichome retention thanks to our proprietary AirKush ™ Technology. Built in integrated check scales ensure your package is on target every single time.

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Air Kush Technology


The Precision Batcher uses AirKush technology, and not vibration, to move your flower through the machine, fostering an exponentially gentler handling process that will preserve the trichomes, quality, and potency of your flower as you send it off to market.



Some keywords…

  • Gentle
  • Innovative
  • Preserves Trichomes


Phat Panda Case Study


In a crowded and competitive marketplace, cannabis companies need to stay ahead of the curve to succeed. This means leveraging the latest technologies to increase efficiency, improve product quality, and ultimately win over customers. One company that understands this is Phat Panda, a premier cannabis grower and processor based in Washington State.

By partnering with Green Vault Systems (GVS), a leading manufacturer of cannabis weighing and packaging equipment, Phat Panda has been able to scale its operations, solve production challenges, and expand its business.

In this case study, we’ll examine how GVS’s equipment helped Phat Panda achieve these goals, and why other cannabis companies should take note.

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