Selecting a gutter system for commercial Cannabis cultivation

Start form the plant back
Gutter systems are widely used throughout hi tech horticulture, they are renowned for their strength and reliability. And they provide growers of crops like Tomato, Cucumber and Peppers with consistent results.
Most recently companies like Meteor systems have developed fantastic purpose designed gutter systems for commercial Cannabis cultivation.

Selecting a gutter system for commercial Cannabis cultivation

These have now been adopted by some of the industries most renowned cultivators and the results speak for themselves. When selecting a gutter system for your facility it’s important to consider the style of cultivation you will use in terms of substrate and how it’s contained, the characteristics of the strains you will grow and the overall size and density for example. These all play a key role in deciding the system that best fits your facility and when sustainability is an important factor, getting it right the first time is imperative.


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System types
The three most common gutter systems are supported, potted and swinging (examples below)

1.Swinging gutter systems provide excellent flexibility in terms of movement and can be set up to provide a high density but shift when access is required.
2.Potted style systems allow you to grow in pots suspended above drainage channels while maintaining excellent aeration and plant spacing.
3.Floor supported systems allow for easy installation and the ability to use pipe rail heating systems for transport.

Once you have selected the foundation for your plants, the focus must now shift towards adding the ancillary supports that will take your cannabis from baby to beast, these come in the form of drippers, co2 Pipe supports and trellis.

Meteor systems supply high quality pre-cut dripper systems to almost any configuration and allow precise control of elements like pressure, flow, drain back and even stake type. All of this comes in easy to install pre prepared rolls that provide laser like precision and consistency.


Co2 supports
Co2 supports can be easily integrated into gutter systems to ensure the optimal levels of co2 are delivered to the areas where plants can best utilize it.

Trellis supports the plant as it reaches maturity and provides growers with a grid to train the upper flowers through, this intern creates a canopy that can collect maximum light. These trellis support systems can be configured to match the characteristics of your plants, which again is a key consideration.




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