Cleaning with color coding in your cannabis cultivation operation

Using a broom in the canteen or kitchen that you just used in the toilet? Not exactly hygienic, this increases the chance of speading viruses and diseases in your cannabis cultivation facility. Avoid this by cleaning with color coding. A handy stystem that ensures truly clean rooms. Moreover, it can be used by and for everyone. 

Cleaning with color coding in your cannabis cultivation operation


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What is color-coded cleaning?
When you use a color coding system, you divide the work environment into different color zones. It is important that employees know that e.g. when cleaning the toilets, a yellow scrubbing brush is used and when cleaning the kitchen, a green one is used. This way you don't bring the bacteria from the toilet into the kitchen. 

Application of color codes in cleaning
What color code you give to cleaning supplies varies from company to company. The color codes below are the most commonly used by companies: 

Code green: Public areas. Such as lobbies, receptions and corridors.

Code red: Washrooms and toilets. This includes shower rooms and bathrooms

Code blue: Restaurant and bars. Canteens, dining rooms and lounges are also included.

Code yellow: Kitchens, buffets and other food preparation areas.

 However, you are free to assign the colors to the spaces within your cannabis cultivation company, as long as your staff is aware of this. 

Color coding is HACCP compliant
When a company uses color-coded cleaning materials, they also make their work environment HACCP compliant. HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points’’. The HACCP directive is a legally prescribed regulation that must be observed by companies involved in the production, storage or transport of food. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk of contamination as much as possible. The biggest risk for companies working in vegetable production is cross contamination, and by applying a color coding system, you reduce the chance of this happening. 

 What are the advantages of color coding?
Color coding not only prevents cross contamination, it has other benefits as well:
- Processes are accelerated. Equipment is easy to find and easy to distinguish. Cleaning products can be stored properly. They do not come into contact with dirt on the ground when using color-coded hanging systems.
- The system is easy to understand and universal. Regardless of language barriers, everyone understands the color coding. Of course, color blindness can cause confusion. Therefore, always choose colors that contrast and combinations that are color-blind friendly. Tip: take a picture and convert it to black and white. If the colors are still easily distinguishable then you have a color-blind-friendly combination.
- Cleaners stay cleaner. This increases the lifespan. This saves on replacement costs.
- A color coding system ensures a neat, well-organized and clean work floor. This will make a good impression on customers, authorities and other visitors to your cannabis cultivation company. 

Divide color zones with Vikan app
We have several color coding products in our Vikan range. Vikan has a handy proprietary app in which you can divide the working environment in the different color zones. This app is called “Vikan Hygienic Zone Planner” and you can easily download it on an iOS.

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