In this article we will outline the method for sanitization after Cannabis crop harvesting in GACP conditions. All products listed are available through Can-Hub.



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The HortiHygienz concept is a total solution for hygiene issues in horticulture. When the concept is applied to sanitization after crop removal, the below points are especially important to consider.

• Highly corrosive cleaners and disinfectants should be avoided, products used should also allow for work to re commence in the space immediately after disinfection.

• Products used for water treatment should be non-residual and remove bio film that can lay dormant inside closed systems.

• Foam should be used for disinfection because of it’s increased contact time and surface visibility.

     - All Biological waste and accessories must be removed and accounted for according to regulatory guidelines.
     - Once only the permanent fixtures remain, the first step is to clean and rinse all surfaces so they are totally free of debris. Close attention should be  paid to any rough surfaces or crevices, and no built up organic matter should be present prior to disinfection.
     - Irrigation lines will also be flushed during the cleaning phase.
     - The final disinfection phase can now begin, all surfaces must be fully coated in disinfectant foam and left to dry.
     - All staff should change and thoroughly clean / disinfect themselves before entering other areas. 


Menno Hortisept clean Removal of organic mater and surface cleaning

Menno Hortisept Clean Plus is an alkaline detergent specially developed for cleaning surfaces in agriculture and horticulture. Stubborn organic contaminants such as plant juices easily soak off, making it easy to rinse off with water. In addition, it leaves no residue.

Greenhouse Glassclean E.87 – For cleaning inside and outside glass surfaces

Greenhouse Glassclean has a strong descaling and cleaning effect, making the glass cleaner suitable for the removal of algae, moss, green deposits, lime and other mineral pollution. The glass cleaner GCC is 100% safe for the environment and contains no hazardous components.

HuwaSan – For the cleaning and disinfection of water systems

Huwa-San TR-50 is a unique stabilized hydrogen peroxide that stands out for its superior stability and efficient operation. Huwa-San is the product for powerful cleaning of your drip hoses, silos and other parts of the water system. Thanks to its unique stabiliser, Huwa-San retains its power throughout the entire water system.-click to edit this text

Menno Disinfectant – Foaming disinfectant for all surfaces

Menno Clean is a powerful disinfectant based on Benzoic acid. The product is specially developed for the horticultural. It does not consist any constituents of quaternary ammonium compounds. Because of its plant friendliness and quick functions it is possible to clean knives and scissors regularly during harvesting. Furthermore, it is a versatile product that can be used to clean greenhouse stand ups, growing tables, containers, carts, jars, machinery, foot baths etc.

Enno Rapid & Menno H –  Enno Rapid is a dry hand cleaner specially designed for horticulture &  Menno H is for the disinfection of wet hands at a sink or tap

Both products are based on organic acids in an alcohol solution. The alcohol component works very well against bacteria, the organic acids effectively kill fungi and viruses. Both products are especially designed and tested for use in horticulture and agriculture and therefore tested specifically on plant pathogenic diseases.
disinfection of wet hands at a sink or tap

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