Heliospectra's Grower-to-Grower Guide to Cannabis Lighting

As a commercial cultivator, you know the importance of managing your crops’ lighting. Low light levels cause a cascade of problems including slow photosynthesis, poor CO2 exchange, and reduced nutrient uptake.

Fortunately, light doesn’t need to be a limiting factor in your grow. Today’s horticultural lighting solutions can easily maintain optimal light levels — and they do so more cost-effectively than ever before.

Heliospectra's Grower-to-Grower Guide to Cannabis Lighting


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Cannabis Lighting
The Lighting guide gives Cannabis growers insights into the world of cutlivation lighting through the knowledge and experience of other growers. With a basic understanding of the daily light cycle, light quality, types of light and many more core concepts needed for optimal cultivation environments. 

The guide includes a case study using DLI for cost reduction based on light strategies, type of lighting, light spectrum and other aspects to create a strong foundation to further provide useful and experience based knowledge to help growers make informed decisions about modern lighting systems. After reading you'll be better able to select a product that properly suits your needs and requirements for optimal growing results. 

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