Optimized irrigation systems; The fast track to healthy cannabis

An efficient irrigation system is a crucial component for growing any crop. After all it is responsible for supplying water and nutrients to the plants. However, choosing the right irrigation system can be tricky since there are several types of irrigation systems and irrigation techniques are continually evolving. This is where our specialists can be of assistance.

Optimized irrigation systems; The fast track to healthy cannabis

The Can-Hub team has the knowledge and experience to create the right system together. Whether you are constructing a new site or renovating, we can help to realize your plans; taking into account the local climate, water availability, optimal growing conditions, suitable materials and techniques, and available equipment. Can-Hub is also the head dealer of Priva climate and registration systems and uses proven techniques such as Vocom irrigation systems, which are installed worldwide.

If the method of drip irrigation is best suited for your situation, you can choose different types of drippers. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right dripper, for example bed length, desired water release, and drops per meter. Also, clogging resistance and the need for exact and equal amounts of water delivered at all locations play major roles.


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