Winning tactics for climate control

A focus on standardization in growing medical cannabis is key.  Being in control of the climate is a major factor in mitigating variability.  Avoiding plant stress due to non-optimal light intensities or temperature and humidity conditions, prevents crop loss during each stage of plant growth and is therefore a number one priority. Luckily the climate control principles and techniques used for growing medical cannabis and common horticultural crops like tomato or chrysanthemum are quite similar. Can Hub offers tailor-mode solutions that meet the highest performance requirements.

Winning tactics for climate control
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Air movement is essential for your success. Here's why:

In a modern greenhouse, there is a lack of natural air movement due to the good insulation. As a result, temperature varies on different locations in the greenhouse. The result of this is that there is a difference in crop growth due to suboptimal moisture transport and reduced evaporation. In addition, the development of bud rot (Botrytis) or Powdery Mildew infestations is promoted due to a humid microclimate. In order to ensure air circulation in the greenhouse, fans are essential. Using fans stimulate evaporation and limit the moisture problem and therefore disease pressure.

There are different types of fans: fans that create horizontal or vertical air movement, with or without air conductors. Need help with designing an optimal ventilation system for your greenhouse? Contact one of our specialists or take a look at our assortment of air movement equipment.


The best solution for botrytis: humidity control

Climate control in cannabis. One of the biggest issues in greenhouse climate control is humidity. Plant transpiration occurring within the greenhouse produces moisture in the air. If not regulated properly, humidity condenses on plant surfaces, greenhouse structures, and equipment, creating a nesting ground for detrimental cannabis diseases including Botrytis, Powdery mildew and hemp canker (white mold). These diseases diminish quality and significantly reduce the yield, making them unwanted guests on a nursery. The best solution to counter these pathogens is to avoid climate conditions which cause it!

Controlling humidity is therefore essential for your success. In medical cannabis production, ventilating is not always possible. Medical cannabis production is based on a light regime, extending day length with artificial lighting or shortening day length using black screens. Certain regional environmental regulations require applying black screens in order to prevent issues such as light pollution. When using black screens, the option for ventilating the growing facility is not always possible, and humidity increases without any possibility to adjust it.

To take on this challenge Can-Hub teamed up with DryGair. Together we offer an alternative to ventilation.  The innovative  dehumidification solution for greenhouses works in a closed greenhouse, isolated from the outside air, and reduces the humidity from within. The patented technology takes the humid indoor air, extracts humidity at a rate of 12 Gwater/hr (45 Lwater/hr)*, and recirculates the dehumidified air uniformly throughout the greenhouse, minimizing moist microclimates that can lead to disease development. DryGair designed a line of diverse products that can be easily integrated into different types of greenhouses. Curious about what the Drygair solutions can do for you? Find out more.

DryGair was integrated into Cannabis greenhouses located in different countries and different climate conditions. Some greenhouses were located in cold areas: low temperatures, heating system, with or without a thermal screen, low radiation (CO2 enrichment), and other greenhouses were located in areas with moderate climate conditions: relatively high temperatures throughout most of the year (with heating system and without), high radiation levels, etcetera. DryGair gathered data during these greenhouses’ operation. 


The right amount of CO2

Plants use CO₂ as fuel for photosynthesis. CO2 enrichment under the right growing conditions ensures a higher production and a stronger crop. To facilitate an optimal distribution of CO2 inside your greenhouse, hoses can be used as a transportation system. With these hoses every medical cannabis plant will receive the right amount of CO2. In addition to the hose itself, we also recommend a special device which is developed for unrolling the CO2 hoses without damaging them. It is even possible to unroll two rolls simultaneously. The stable unrolling device is provided with wheels which makes it possible to easily move the device. Changing the rolls can also be done effortlessly. Read more about the features of CO2 hoses and how to master unrolling them without breaking a sweat.

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    Do you have any questions or comments? At Can-hub we have an experienced and enthusiastic team with specialized knowledge. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.
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    Do you have any questions or comments? At Can-hub we have an experienced and enthusiastic team with specialized knowledge. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.