Why water cooled LED's can be an advantage in Cannabis cultivation

Cannabis growing facilities generate a great amount of heat. One of the reasons is the lighting system. LED light can boost efficiency by up to 60% but the other 40% is heat that needs to be cooled away from the LED chip.

Several methods that can be utilized to cool the chip are, for example, free air convection, constrained air convection and water cooling. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of a water cooling system will be discussed. In this way you will know if water cooled LED's will be an advantage for your cannabis indoor and greenhouse growing. 

Why water cooled LED's can be an advantage in Cannabis cultivation


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Some advantages of water cooled LED's 

Growing benefits

Water cooled LED's give growing benefits, an example of this is that they remove the heat out of the growing area, therefore the temperature stays low and stable. This controls the climate and because the ambient temperature is lower, there is no need to ventilate. Another growing benefit in Greenhouse settings is that there is less shadow, this is because the water cooling systems that are utilized are very space savvy and cleverly designed. With a slimmer design, there is more space for developing and growing plants. To avoid shade in greenhouses the LED fixture is designed as compact as possible and can be mounted directly under the trellis so natural daylight is optimally used. It is a fact that water cooled LED grow lights have a smaller shadow footprint which allows more natural sunlight into the greenhouse which nourishes the cannabis plants.

Controlled-environment agriculture

Controlled-environment agriculture is a technology-based approach toward plant and food production. The aim of CEA is to provide protection and maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the development of the crop. This approach is also important for cannabis cultivation both for indoor and greenhouse scenarios. The warmed water exiting water cooled LED’s can provide other benefits within a facility where additional warmth is required, this saves energy and makes it simpler to control temperature at crop level, which gives an optimal growing condition.


HVAC savings

For growers who have power limits or other people who intend to extend their greenhouses without investing money into new generators, water cooling systems are the way to go. Indoor growers need HVAC systems that consume less power yet transfer heat between the developing region and the areas where the water can be reused or cooled. Low heat in growing climate means lower HVAC investments. Numerous greenhouses as of now have the gear required for water pumping and therefore the LED water system could be connected to the existing system, further saving costs and reducing expenses.

Upgrades the life 

The water cooling system upgrades the life of the LED system by keeping it below 50 degrees Celsius also increasing the light output efficiency.

Some things to think about with water cooled LED's

In spite of the fact that there are some incredible advantages, likewise with most innovation, there are a few things that should be taken into account before investing in such a system. Water cooling systems require additional infrastructure and should be installed by experienced technicians. Also extra attention should be paid to the condition of the cooling water itself, we recommend RO water be used within the system and treatment with Huwa San at regular intervals.

Want to know if water cooled LED's are the best choice for you?

For any operation, both the advantages and disadvantages need to be weighed out so you can make the best choice for your business both now and in the future. Our honest opinion is that water cooled LEDs is a great solution for certain circumstances and that LED lighting is not a ''one brand fits all'' at the moment. Want to know if water cooled LED's is the best choice for you? Please contact us.

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