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DryGair dehumidifiers, developed for professional growers, offer the leading solution for Cannabis Greenhouses. It contributes to better yields, both quantity, and quality, with less energy and fewer pesticides. The DryGair solution enables the Cannabis grower to maximize the greenhouse climate and reduce humidity. Discover the DryGair Solution for Cannabis Greenhouses.



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The advantages of DryGair in Cannabis Greenhouses

  • CO2 reduction
  • A more stable climate
  • Energy savings of up to 50%
  • Prevents fungal diseases
  • Ensures more compact growing conditions without growth inhibitors

Humidity Control is one of the biggest problems in Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis is consistently releasing massive amounts of water into the environment. Unmonitored greenhouses can become extremely humid, causing outbreaks of diseases, such as bud rot, slowing plant growth, and deteriorating bud quality. We understand the challenges of growing cannabis. The dense buds and crowded plants can easily retain moisture, which increases the risk of mold, reduces quality, and can lead to non-compliant products.

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Indoor growing conditions for Cannabis

To ensure your cannabis grows in the best conditions, our team of experts calculates the dehumidification capacity required to handle the humidity in your greenhouses. With DryGair, growers can reduce diseases and molds, as well as stimulate plant activity – leading to larger yields and higher quality buds.

We looked for creative solutions to reduce the use of pesticides. DryGair provided a good solution to reduce humidity, without sprays. Using DryGair, we detected a significant reduction in the amount of botrytis in the plants. - Tikum Olam, Israel 

The technique of DryGairdrygair_techniek_512__256_px.png

1. The DryGair Unit will be located in the greenhouse.
2. It only requires an electrical connection.
3. The power that is used is 10 KW
4. No extra supply of hot water.
5. The unit draws in the relatively humid air.
6. Inside the unit, the air will be dried.
7. The dry air is vented back into the greenhouse
8. The unit drains 45 liters of water per hour
9. One unit is suitable for 5000 m2 max
10. The drained water is recyclable.