THRIPLINE - 1 unit - 10 lures - Frankliniella occidentalis

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Product description

Thripline is a product containing the pheromone of the Frankliniella occidentalis (Californian thrips). The product is designed to improve the sensitivity of control traps to thrips, especially at low thrips pressure or in easily damaged crops. The pheromone is impregnated in rubber, and is released gradually over a number of weeks. It is supplied in units of 10 sealed in bags. Unopened sachets can be stored for up to 1 year in a refrigerator, or up to 2 years if stored frozen. The use of Thripline for monitoring allows growers to take additional control measures before thrips populations reach damaging levels.

Most important characteristics

  • Maximum sensitivity in thrip monitoring
  • Pheromone bait for Californian thrips causes thrips to move the top of the crop, allowing the population size to be detected and estimated earlier.
  • Fits well in a thrips IPM program with other biological pesticides and/or chemical spray treatments.

Instructions of use

  • Open a packet with adhesive plates and the Thripline foil bags of 10 unloading units in the crop.
  • Hang the traps 30 to 50 centimetres above the top of the crop. Pull the paper from both sides of each trap and immediately apply a lure to the sticky surface on the lower part of the trap.
  • The pheromone is in the 'cup' part of the lure unit.
  • Place the lure horizontally. The released pheromone can be reduced if this 'cup' fills with water, which can happen in crops with above-ground irrigation.
  • For monitoring purposes, use one lure unit per 100 m² (40 traps/hectare) with an adhesive plate.
  • Can improve chemical control of contact agents by attracting thrips to the surface. Hang one cistern unit per 100 m² near the greenhouse circulation fans for one hour prior to commencement of treatment. Remove the lure after treatment for future use.
  • Replace bait and sticky traps every 3-4 weeks or more often if they are covered with thrips.

Storage and transport
Upon receipt, check the product for discrepancies and report any complaints or comments within 24 hours. If storage is required, the product should be stored at a temperature of -18°C up to a maximum of 2 years after the production date.
If the product is stored in a refrigerator at 4-6°C, it can be kept for a maximum of 1 year after the production date. If the product is stored longer and/or under different conditions Royal Brinkman is not liable for any loss of quality.