Introbox for insects

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Product description

The Introbox for insects is a cardboard box with hanging hook that can be used for clean and orderly introduction of various biological control agents such as:

Macrolophus pygmaeus
Orius laevigatus
Aphidius spp
Trichogramma achaeae (loose material)
Eretmocerus eremicus (loose material)
Encarsia formosa (loose material)

Advantages of using an introbox:
The place of introduction can easily be found in the crop. This is useful for scouting to check the activity of the beneficials. In the same way, you can easily keep the same spot for the second deployment of the fighters. 
The box offers protection; parasitic wasps can hatch safely. 
The box prevents the loss of pesticides, where there is otherwise a chance that they will fall off the plant parts.   
By filling the boxes to size prior to introduction, the most optimal distribution of herbicides in the crop is ensured.

Make sure that the intro box is not filled too full with carrier material, this can cause the fighters to get trapped.