Amblyseius degenerans [500]

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Product description

Amblyseius degenerans to combat thrips and spider mites

The predatory mite Amblyseius degenerans is used as a natural enemy against thrips. This predatory mite has a good development in the winter months and a faster population growth than Amblyseius cucumeris. Amblyseius degenerans also eats pollen and is therefore often found in the flowers, just like thrips. Because this predatory mite can develop very well on pollen, it is mainly used preventively in pollen-producing crops such as sweet bell pepper. Because of its pronounced dark brown to black color Amblyseius degenerans is easy to recognize. When the predatory mites are well established in the crop, they will be easy to find, especially on the underside of the leaves.

The development of the predatory mite goes through a number of stages: egg stage (3 days), larval stage (2 days), nymph stage (7 days) and adult stage (21 days). The female deposits the eggs on hairs in the armpits of veins at the bottom of the leaf. The larvae that hatch do not feed. Only when the mites have developed to the nymphal stage, they start eating thrips larvae. The development time depends on the temperature and the amount and type of food the predatory mites eat. The predatory mites have a preference for thrips larvae from the first stage. Every day an adult predatory mite sucks 3 to 4 thrips larvae empty.

They are very active mites, they run continuously around the leaf. Because of this, these predatory mites have a very good ability to spread in the greenhouse. Because Amblyseius degenerans is sensitive to pesticides, this must be taken into account when controlling other pests.


Product features

  • Predatory mites can be used preventively.
  • Good side effect on spider mites.
  • Can be used in many different crops.

Amblyseius degenerans is available in tubes of 500 pieces per unit, with vermiculite as carrier.

Instructions for use
Keep product cool until use. Allow the product to cool down to (greenhouse) temperature. Prevent too rapid an increase in temperature, this can lead to a temperature shock for the predatory mites. Keep the product horizontal and out of direct sunlight. Leave the bottle. Immediately before use, mix the product well. This can be done by gently turning the bottle around. With this you realize a good distribution of mites in the material and in your crop (so keep mixing the material during insertion). Shake out the material in small quantities over your crop. Avoid contact with heating pipes. The degree of application always depends on the pest pressure in the crop, therefore ask the product specialist for the correct dosage.


Storage and transport
Store the containers dark and horizontal at a temperature of 10°C - 15°C. Always check the product upon receipt and use it immediately or in any case within 18 hours of receipt.