[RBI] PHYTOcontrol [2,000/tube] 100 ml

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Product description

PHYTOcontrol [2,000/bottle] 100ml (AB2)

Product description
PHYTOcontrol to control red spider mite.

Phytoseiulus persimilis
PHYTOcontrol contains the predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis. This predatory mite has a long history of being a successful biological control agent against red spider mite. P. persimilis is blind and will find its prey using scent and touch. The carrier material including the Phytoseiulus can be spread over the leaves of your crop. After release, the predatory mites will immediately start searching for red spider mites. Its diet consists only of red spider mite, and when food is limited it will become cannibalistic. An adult P. persimilis mite can eat 5 adult spider mites or 20 spider mite eggs or larvae per day. PHYTOcontrol contains approximately four times more females than males. A fertilized female will lay her eggs in or in close proximity of a spider mite infestation. In good conditions, a Phytoseiulus population will grow faster than the spider mite population. At temperatures between 15 - 30°C, it will have the highest efficiency in controlling the red spider mite populations. 

Product characteristics 

  • Very effective against red spider mite.
  • Diet only consists of red spider mite.
  • Easy to release with the special intro box.
  • Possible to release in almost every crop. 

Product specifications
PHYTOcontrol is available as formulations of 2,000 P. persimilis mites in bottles of 100 ml with vermiculite as carrier material. Also, a formulation of 10,000 predatory mites in a 500 ml bottle with vermiculite as carrier material is available.

Usage instruction
Keep the product cool before use (8 – 10 °C). Just before use, put the product in your greenhouse, to let the predatory mites get accustomed to the (greenhouse) temperature. Keep the product in a horizontal position. Shake the bottle gently (and keep repeating this during the release) to evenly distribute the mites over the material in the bottle. The best release method for PHYTOcontrol is to make little piles of carrier material with predatory mites on the leaves of your crop. It is also possible to use the special intro box. Make sure that you evenly distribute all the material throughout your greenhouse. Survival and longevity are negatively affected by warm and dry conditions, so make sure the relative humidity in your greenhouse is kept high. For a good development of your predatory mite population, the relative humidity should be at least 65%. 

Storage and transport
Check the product on arrival for defects and preferably use the product directly or within 18 hours after arrival. In case storage is necessary, keep the product cool (6 – 10 °C) and in the dark.

  • Phytoseiulus persimilis 2,000
  • MBT/MPS: 990391
  • 241 BCA