Flip cap phyto concentrate 150 ml (AB2)

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Product description

Flip cap cap on behalf of PHYTOcontrol concentrate

When applying PHYTOcontrol concentrate, it is important that the red ventilating cap is replaced by the black flip cap before application. The black flip cap cap is a cap with a flap that can be opened and closed. In the application, where the PHYTOcontrol concentrate bottle is attached to the spray boom, this cap will be needed to distribute the Phytoseiulus persmilis predatory mites in doses over the crop. When changing the cap, the product should be as cool as possible.

Flip cap cap available separately
The flip cap caps are not supplied with the PHYTOcontrol concentrate product, but are available separately. These caps are suitable for reuse, therefore it is advised to store the caps after use.

Why new cap PHYTOcontrol concentrate?
The black flip cap cap has the disadvantage that it completely seals the bottle during storage and transport, so condensation can easily occur. This condensation can cause the filling material to clump and make it more difficult to scatter. This can lead to a less good distribution of predatory mites in the crop. That is why the PHYTOcontrol concentrate product has replaced the flip cap cap with a red cap with a ventilating mesh. This ensures better regulation of the humidity in the bottle, which significantly reduces the chance of condensation forming.