ROBUScontrol [50.000/bucket] (AB6)

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Macrocheles robustulus is a medium sized soil predatory mite (about 1 mm). The predatory mite contributes to the control of the eggs, larvae and pupae of the sciarid fly (Sciaridae), trip pupae, the springtail larva and Duponchelia. The adults are light brown and very active.

An adult female can deposit 70 to 90 eggs in the ground. The predatory mite feeds on sciarid larvae and trip pupae and can consume between 1 and 8 prey per day. The predatory mite can survive mild winters, but becomes inactive at a soil temperature below 10 ºC. This predatory mite will not enter the plant. The development from egg to adult takes between 10 and 13 days at 25 ºC.

User instruction
Keep product cool until use. Allow the product to cool down to (greenhouse) temperature. Prevent too rapid an increase in temperature, this can lead to a temperature shock for the predatory mites. Keep the product horizontal and out of direct sunlight. Immediately before use, mix the product well. This can be done by gently rotating the tube. With this you realize a good distribution of mites in the material and in your crop (so keep mixing the material during insertion). Shake out the material in small quantities over the soil, pot or substrate. Because it is a soil predatory mite, preferably do not spread the material over plant parts. Make sure there is enough moisture present, prolonged dryness will be at the expense of the population build-up. The degree of application always depends on the pest pressure in the crop, therefore ask the product specialist for the correct dosage.

Storage and transport
Upon receipt, check the product for abnormalities and preferably use it immediately or within 18 hours of receipt at the latest. If storage is required, the tubes should be stored dark and horizontal at a temperature of 12 - 18°C. Preferably also at high humidity, because the material can dry out quickly!

> Macrocheles robustulus
> MBT/MPS: 990710