Release system for release points

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Product description

Release system for release points


The purpose of the fixed distribution points is to protect the mummies in the tubes against ants that cannot cross the nylon thread, against direct sunlight and against splashing water (condensation, sprinklers).


The introduction system is suitable for clamping two (BASILcontrol, VERDAcontrol and ORNAcontrol) or three tubes (FRESAcontrol and BERRYcontrol).

Instructions for use

  1. Hang the distribution point on the metal structure (option a) or on the pillars of the greenhouse (option b), using adhesive tape. Make sure that the distribution point does not come into contact with the vegetation. Install a distribution point every 200m2 and avoid the edges and doors of the greenhouse.
  1. Clamp the tube to the distribution point. Add a new tube every two weeks (BASILcontrol, VERDAcontrol, ORNAcontrol) or three weeks (FRESAcontrol and BERRYcontrol).

From the fourth application, the new tube replaces the oldest. With the color code on the label (next to the "best before" date), the tube can easily be identified which tube needs to be replaced.

  • Check the compatibility with chemical products before use;
  • Respect the time between releases (three weeks for FRESAcontrol and BERRYcontrol and two weeks for BASILcontrol, VERDAcontrol and ORNAcontrol).
  • Leave the tubes in the crop for 1 month.


The introduction system is suitable for re-use.