Hand disinfection station HDK/SP

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Product description


  • Supplied with certificate of stainless steel used (AISI 1.4301), no use of ferritic steels (400 series) that are magnetic and liable to corrode
  • Everything is 100% rounded off jointless for optimal hygiene, no angles or edges where bacteria can originate
  • PLC control: each parameter can be set (not accessible for unauthorised persons) ​
  • Run-dry protection: no passage when hands have not been cleaned
  • The suction pipes for products and nozzles are in stainless steel
  • Soft rubber rings to protect the hands
  • Room is illuminated for convenient use
  • Robust construction and elegant finish
  • Turnstile fully in stainless steel
  • Available in left-hand or right-hand designs
  • Simple to maintain
  • Signal lights (red and green)

Hand disinfection unit HDK/DF (on stand - right)

The HDK is an automatic dispenser that sprays the disinfectant or soap product on the hands when passers-by place both hands in the openings (protected with rubber rings). After soaping or disinfection, the turnstile is released and the person can proceed to the washbasins (after soaping) or the production space (after disinfection).

The PLC can be used to set the parameters (such as chemical spraying time, turnstile locking speed, etc.) as the customer desires.

The HDK hand chemical station is available as a wall or floor model (see photo).

The turnstile can optionally be connected to a badge system for access registration.