Manganese Sulfate 32% (450) 5kg

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Product description

Manganese sulphate 32% is a manganese fertilizer in the form of a sulphate (oxidized form of sulphur). Use this trace sulfate to prevent a shortage of manganese. Manganese (Mn) is indispensable in the process of photosynthesis, but it is also a building block of enzymes and an important basis for the formation of lignin. Lignin is a substance that gives strength to the cell walls of the plant.


Use this trace sulfate with manganese to prevent a shortage of manganese in the crop. Pay attention to the pH value in the fertilizer solution or in the root environment. At a high pH value it is better to use a manganese chelate.


Manganese sulphate 32% is powdered and available in:

  • Buckets of 5 kg
  • Bags of 25 kg