Borax 11,3% (1050) 25kg

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Borax 11.3% (1050) 25 kg contains 11.3% of boron. This is seen as useful for several processes regarding the crop’s metabolism, as well as a stimulator for the development of growth points, and a
building stone for cell walls and enzymes, which are responsible for the mitosis of the cells.

A sufficient amount of boron is necessary for more reasons. Amongst others for the fact that the efficiency of phosphate decreases as soon as a deficiency of boron is remarked. Also it causes heart rot in beets as well as slows down the development of corncobs. Also sensitivity for cauliflower, chicory, potatoes, tulips, peas, pears and apples is noticed.

A boron deficiency can be concluded from the lack of growth of a growth point and the deformity of new leafs and fruits.