Potassium Nitrate RECI (1200) 25kg

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Product description


Potassium Nitrate RECI (Potash Nitrate) is a completely water soluble fertilizer, in a crystalline powder formula.

Water soluble Potassium Nitrate has a high quality, in which the necessary nitrogen and potassium are provided for all growth stages. It is both suitable for use in substrates or soil cultivation. 

Advantages Potassium Nitrate RECI

  • Reduced chance of a high sodium in the water 
  • Possibility of full recirculation 
  • Reduces the discharge of drain water to 0 
  • Saves on fertilizer costs 
  • Better for the environment

Composition Potassium Nitrate  RECI

Potassium Nitrate: KNO3 

 Nitrogen total (N)  13.7%
 Nitrate nitrogen (NO3-N)  13.7%
 Potassium oxide (K2O)  46.3% (water soluble)