Enbar Fixed unit excludes control cabinet

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Product description

Enbar LVM mobile
In the glass horticulture, Enbar LVM space treatment technique has been know for years. The success derives from, for example the fine mist with average droplet size (VMD) of 14 micron that properly penetrates into the crop. The low speed compressor has a long lifespan and ensures 6 bar of air pressure on the nozzle that provides significant suction power. In combination with an suction filter this causes but few blocking problems.

The created pesticide is put in a bottle and hung from the Enbar where a stainless steel mixer continuously stirs the agent, creating a perfect water solution without lumps and clogged nozzles. After the agent is sprayed, the extraction part is rinsed fully automatically with clean water that is injected directly into the suction hose, ensuring that the fluid is purified 100%.

The units with test button are detachable and can be hung from any sheet by means of an extension set. The setting of the waiting time pre-ventilation time, nubilizing time, rinsing time and post-ventilation time is done by means of PLC-steering.
The Enbar LVM movable is available in single and double design.