PlantoSys Silica power 10L

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Product description

SilicaPower contains silicon (ortho-silicic acid), which enhances the cell walls and the epidermis of the leaf. In addition, silicon (Si) provides a better absorption and distribution of calcium (Ca) by and through the plant. Moreover, it helps reduce stress cause by drought.

With a percentage of 3% ortho silicic acid, SilicaPower has a high concentration of Si which is easily absorbable for the plant. This makes it very inexpensive compared to other silicon products.


  • Strong cell walls
  • Stronger surface of the leafs
  • Can be combined with neutral to alkaline preparations
  • No residue
  • No growth inhibition
  • No re-entry
  • No safety period at harvest


Spraying: 100 ml Silica Power / 100 liters of water with at least 500 ml / ha.
Dosing through the A bin or a separate suck up bin: 250 ml Silica Power / ha / week.

Spray Interval

Spray every 7 days or a few times every 5 days to reduce the drought stress during drought periods.

Tips and tricks

Make the cell walls stronger and the leaf surface harder with silicon.

SilicaPower can be used in organic cultivation.