Can-Hub’s Global Team of Local Specialists

Our international team has team members from all over the world, allowing us to give everyone appropriate advice. With an extensive team consisting of experienced specialists, we offer advice and knowledge about the best cultivation methods with the latest technologies for the Cannabis industry.

Can-Hub’s Global Team of Local Specialists


Do you have any questions or comments? At Can-hub we have an experienced and enthusiastic team with specialized knowledge. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. 


Jim Pryor - International Operations Manager of Can-Hubjim pryor 1

As a representative of Can-Hub, I am regularly in contact with Can-Hubs suppliers and customers worldwide and am always happy to chat Cannabis. I have worked in the horticultural sector for over 30 years across all facets of the industry and really enjoy helping my customers meet the challenges of the fast-moving cannabis side of our industry.



erik de smalenErik de Smalen – Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Morocco

As an agricultural engineer, I have been active in horticulture in Spain, Portugal, Latin America and Morocco for the last 30 years. Throughout my career, I always try to combine my technical knowledge with the economics of the crop in order to provide the most feasible solution for our customers. It does not matter whether it concerns a complex technical installation, machines or consumables. Since the beginning of the rise of legal medicinal cannabis cultivation in Spain and Portugal, I have been involved in many projects.


Jordy Blok - The Netherlandsjordy bok

 My name is Jordy Bok, I have been added to the Can-Hub team since the spring of 2020. This to strengthen the team in the Netherlands. My experiences in horticulture are mainly in the Chrysanthemum. We have a lot to do with IPM, which is also an important topic in cannabis cultivation.



sander koole Sander Koole - The Netherlands

My name is Sander Koole and I am account manager floriculture in the Netherlands since 2016.
Since 4 months active in the team of can-hub and involved in the project 'closed coffeeshop chain'.

Can-Hub is the address for products and service for the professional grower.


Grzegorz Surman - Polandgrzegorz surman

My name is Grzegorz Surman. I studied horticulture on University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland. 9 years in Royal Brinkman Poland in a sales and technical team. Interested and knowledge in technical part of cannabis production from the beginning of working in Royal Brinkman.



eef zwinkels

Eef Zwinkels - Dehumidifaction

If you need advice or have questions about humidity and humidity problems in the greenhouse, you can contact our Technical Account Manager Eef Zwinkels. Within Can-Hub, Eef focuses on the compatibility of DryGair dehumidification units. He is happy to share his knowledge in the field of sustainable cultivation with you.