Moleaer Nano bubbles NEO 50 11m3 with onbaord O2

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Product description

Benefits of nanobubbles on root development

  • Less chance of root suffocation
  • Developing more hairroots
  • Displacement of anaerobic organisms
  • Maximum oxygen transfer, independently proved
  • Neutral buoyancy; very long residence time in water
  • Oxygen reserve / buffer in water
  • Extremely large contact area

Moleaers products can be implemented in the following applications:

  • Water reservoir aeration
  • Drip irrigation
  • DFT / NFT (Hydroponic)

The patented Moleaer technology in the Neo Nanobubble generator is a highly efficient gas injection technology that converts pure oxygen into Nanobubbles and thereby manages to achieve oversaturated water with very high levels of dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen in water is also expressed in the term DO (Disolved Oxygen). Negatively charged, neutral floating nanobubbles can remain in the water for a long time and act as an "oxygen battery" that supplies oxygen to the entire water bed. Where traditional techniques consume and degas oxygen, the nanobubbles remain in the water longer, so that saturated levels of dissolved oxygen are preserved, even in hot water. Moleaers Neo is an economical and highly effective tool to improve water quality and increase plant resilience, suppress root diseases and displace anaerobic organisms. The Neo is supplied with an industrial-quality Lowara pump with an open impeller and a PLC controller that allows the Neo to run at a set oxygen setpoint. The system is quiet and corrosion-resistant. The Neo comes standard with an integrated DO sensor for real-time monitoring.

The Neo2 comes with an integrated oxygen concentration system capable of producing oxygen with 92% purity for reliable and convenient on-site oxygen generation.

The Moleaer units produce trillions of nanobubbles, each with a diameter of less than 100 nm. Bubbles of this size exhibit extraordinary properties including neutral buoyancy, a strong negative surface charge and an enormous surface area per unit volume.

Effects of added oxygen via nanobubbles in irrigation water
Water quality is one of the most important pillars for cultivation and has a major impact on plant health and production. One of the most important factors in water quality is the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Oxygen is an essential element needed for plant growth, maintaining sufficient available oxygen in the irrigation water is a fundamental way to support healthy plant development, reduce stress and prevent indirect diseases. Increasing oxygen levels in the root zone improves nutrient absorption, improves root growth and supports healthy vegetative and generative growth. The sum of these makes a plant more productive, resistant to environmental stress and reduces the risk of production loss. The Moleaer nanobubble technology makes it possible to saturate the water with pure oxygen, economically scalable.

  • On-board oxygen generator for simple on-site oxygen generation (92% O2)
  •  85-90% oxygen transfer efficiency
  • >900 million nanobubbles per ml
  • Capacity: 11 m3/hour
  •  Including dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor & system controller
  •  Integrate into existing pipework
  • Technical plug and play installation
  • Silent operation