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Top Cleaner greenhouse roof cleaner

Top Cleaner greenhouse roof cleaner
The Top Cleaner is a high quality greenhouse roof cleaner suitable for all Venlo greenhouses. Moreover, the machine is environmentally friendly because it only uses water to clean the glass. Besides that the Top Cleaner is equipped with all imaginable safety devices.

Directing light is getting more important, in every greenhouse. The greenhouse roof has to allow as much light as possible in the dark periods of the year. The Top Cleaner effortlessly removes dirt from glass and gutters without the use of environmentally damaging chemicals.

Safety first
Accidents on the greenhouse roof can have deadly consequences. Unfortunately, these accidents still occur. This could have huge consequences for the victim, the relatives and your company, and could lead to sky high damage claims. That's why our machines do not only comply with the legally required (CE) requirements, but are also equipped with standard extra safety devices to protect your employees, such as:

  • A&nbsplarge platform with a toe board to prevent slipping.
  • A&nbsplockable ladder that blocks access to children or unauthorized persons.
  • Certified lifting points to lift the platform safely.
  • Certified security points so you are always secured to the platform.
  • Personal protective equipment, such as a harness, lanyard and fall arrest device.
  • Warning stickers in different languages, including symbols.

You can also spray coatings fully automatic. In that case nobody has to ride along. This minimizes the risks of accidents. Please also visit the page with photos of all safety devices of the Top Cleaner.

Versatile machine
The Top Cleaner roof washer is available for every type of Venlo greenhouse. The machine is available in a manual or completely computer controlled specification. In the latter case, the windows automatically open and close when the greenhouse has to be washed.

With a small expansion, the machine can also be used to apply a layer of chalk or coating. We can also deliver rails and a movement platform if desired.



Work width

Available for all types of Venlo greenhouses

Wheel base

150 - 175cm