Empas Atlanta spraying trolley 37ltr/55 bar 400v

Item id : 840002107

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Product description

The Atlanta spray trolley is the newest asset in our assortment. With its smooth design and integrated clean water tank is this model ready for the future. The tank is galvanised in order to lower the construction of the machine and in order to be able to reach filler. Just like the 120 litres Montana is this machine simple to operate.

Standard product contains:

  • Polyethylene tank 200 or 400 litres
  • Hydraulic stir injector in tank
  • Cover for venting
  • Sifter in the filler
  • Gauge glass with scale
  • Filling pipe with GEKA connection
  • 16 litres clean water tank
  • Plunger or membrane pump
  • Electronical or fuel engine
  • Supplied with power strip and plug or 10 metre cord with plug
  • Stir injector

Optional features

  • Hand reel, self-rewinding reel or electric reel
  • Two reels, one above the other
  • Spray boom
  • Cable hook
  • Surface above pump
  • Spray gun holder
  • Spray gun
  • Hose

Technical specifications:

Capacity 37litres per minute
Pressure Max.55 bar
Driving Electrical engine 400 V 4 kW
Tank volume 200 litres
Clean water tank volume 16 litres
Pump type T55