Aquajet standard version

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The AquaJet is especially developed to make it possible to start in a shiny and fresh greenhouse after every cultivation season. It quickly and thoroughly cleans the inside of your greenhouse during crop rotation.


The AquaJet applies cleaning or disinfectants to the inside of your greenhouse roof while riding over the pipe rail system and then applies a high pressure water beam to rinse the roof. The AquaJet works without cables, has a hydraulic drive and can be delivered with a stepless telescopic boom. This boom is used to clean and disinfect the greenhouse roof from up close, leading to an optimum result. An optional module even cleans cultivation gutters. The machine is user friendly.

Plug &amp Play
Every employee can easily get started with the AquaJet Greenhouse thanks to the simple plug and play method. An ideal machine for every grower.

Cleaning the gutters
A module to clean cultivation gutters efficiently is optionally available. This saves a huge amount of labour.


Track width 425 - 600 mm
Drive Hydraulic
Hose reel Suitable for 150m 1 inch hose
Water pump Unit: Membrane pump 83l/min at 45 bar
Riding speed Steplessly adjustable to 60 m/min
Weight About 650 kg

Cleans about 1 hectare of roof/facades per day

Standard equipped with:

  • 18 HP 4-stroke petrol engine
  • 2 rotating nozzle on mast
  • Diaphragm pump 90 liters per minute - 50 bar
  • Electric nozzle tilt for correct spray angle
  • Two piece sliding mast, manual
  • Hose and spray gun to clean the facades
  • Stainless steel frame