LED Propagation trolley

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Product description

The perfect solution for Cannabis cloning rooms

AgroLed LED propagation trolleys are the perfect solution for Cannabis cloning rooms. Combining AgroLeds high quality LED’s with horticulture proven Danish trolleys and durable drain trays. This solution is a cost effective and highly efficient system for producing healthy clones, seedlings and even vegetive plants.

Light levels and spectrums are easily customizable using the slimline IP65 rated LEDS. The whole system packs flat for easy transport and the slotted posts allow for quick easy adjustment of shelf heights.

Contact us with your requirements and we can design a trolley customised to your needs


  • Choice of spectrum and light level
  • Mobile / plug and play
  • IP65 rated / highly durable
  • Flat packs / adjustable shelf heights
  • Cost effective and highly efficient