Greenhousenivolator, PVE-7, V-9 blades

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Product description

The trend of ever higher and larger greenhouse complexes continues. Optimizing the climate in these greenhouses requires a different approach. The sophisticated design of the nine-leaf greenhouse nivolator creates a unique air pattern. The air is drawn from the floor upwards and returned downwards in a cone-shaped air stream, creating an optimal mixing of the air without draughts. The temperature distribution in the crop is more even, there is an exchange of air above and below the screen cloth, there is no draft and there is less risk of crop condensation. The Greenhouse Equivolator is used successfully in many different crops. Including tomatoes, peppers, roses, gerberas and other flower species, cucumbers, strawberries, etc.

Benefits of greenhousenivilator

  • Homogeneous temperature and CO2 distribution throughout the greenhouse
  • Exchange of air above and below the screen fabric
  • Energy efficient
  • Small vertical temperature gradient between roof and ground
  • No still symptoms, no dead climate
  • RPM adjustable
  • Ingenious air pattern
  • No obstructions

Technical specifications greenhousenivilator

  • Incl. power cord
  • 1 on 225-250 m2
  • Color: white motor & cup, aluminum blades
  • Motor power: 180 Watt/230 Volt - 1 phase
  • Speed: 700t/min - adjustable
  • Current consumption: 1 Amp.
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Low noise
  • No drafts
  • Maintenance-free
  • Homogeneous air distribution
  • Small vertical gradient
  • Adjustable vanes
  • Adjustable
  • Thermal protection