Enfan ZN045-3 230/400v 50Hz / 60Hz

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Product description

The new regulation Energy-related Products states that there are stricter European environmental requirements for ventilation products. This increases the necessity of energy-efficient ventilators. As a result of the revolutionary FE2owlet technology this ventilator has:

  • An energy-efficient actuation
  • An improved release (and, as such, improved distribution of air)
  • Excellent sound properties

Dynamic pressure is converted into static pressure. This takes place in the ZAplus casing and&nbspresults in&nbsphiger yield and a better efficiency. The casing is very light-green colored due to the UV-radiation resistance. The color also ensures that the light is not being absorbed in the greenhouse.

Both the Airmix system and the Enfan ventilator are executed with the ZN045 ZAplus FE2owlet ventilator.

Technical specifications

Capacity 380 Watts Voltage 230/ 400/ 465V
Current 1.7 A Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Engine speed 1,250 rpm Thermal contact Ja
Diameter 450 mm Capacity 6,000 m3/h
Protection Double-sided Maximum flowrate 6,060 m3/h
Number of poles 4 Actuation AC

This was supplied with:

  • 5 meters of cable
  • Inlet and discharge grille