Ridder Blackout screens

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Ridder Blackout screens are indispensable for inducing flowering in short-day plants in periods when this does not happen naturally. Such screens prevent daylight from entering the greenhouse. This artificially shortens the length of the day and allows products such as medicinal crops, chrysanthemums, gerberas and kalanchoas  to be produced all year round.

Ridder Blackout Screens have a blackout ratio of 99.9%. The screen is also ideal for reducing energy consumption. That kills two birds with one stone. No more worries about your greenhouse climate. The weave of Ridder Blackout Screens prevents condensation from forming in the greenhouse. These moisture-regulating properties enable you to maintain the ideal temperature and climate in the greenhouse. Ridder Blackout Screens hermetically seal the greenhouse from all incoming light, giving you complete control over the flowering stages of the crop. A light-exclusion all-rounder! 

The screen is available in various configurations. Besides Blackout screens Ridder has a wide range of screen solutions for complete control over climate, light and energy.