DryGair DG12 Heating + Cooling

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Product description

Drygair DG12 Dehumidifier - Standard Unit (Heating and Cooling unit) excluding&nbsproof

DryGair dehumidification units feature advanced humidity control, continuous air circulation and the option to be upgraded to include heating and cooling functions, all in one unit.



The DryGair greenhouse dehumidifier removes condensation from the air and eliminates the need for night-time venting. No more night-time venting means a significant reduction in heat and CO² loss. With the reduction in heat loss growers can expect to see up to 50% in energy savings.
Constant air circulation provided by the DryGair unit allows for higher humidity levels without leaf dew accumulation. This entire process allows the plant stoma adsorb more CO² thus increasing yield.
The entire process takes the humid air, condenses water from the air and then returns the dry air back into the closed growing facility, in a unique and uniform circulation.

The DryGair is the most energy efficient dehumidification system available.

  • Healthier crops with up to 20% greater yields.
  • Prevents loss of CO².
  • Constant high volume air flow: 13,000 f³/min.
  • Optional heating and cooling.
    • Up to 50% energy savings.
  • 13 gallons / hour water removed using only 10 kw.* (At 64˚C 80% RH)
  • Prevents humidity related diseases &amp reduces the need for pesticides.
  • 10 to 20% reduction in crop cycle.
  • Continuous Air circulation.
  • Patented design and process.

The DryGair greenhouse dehumidifier will not heat up the air during the dehumidification process.

  • Better humidity control allow you to control the dew point.
  • Can be integrated with most climate control systems or operate independently.
  • Closed system, no use of desiccant or chemicals.
  • Only power and condensate lines need to be connected.
  • Reduction in pesticides use and other chemicals.
    • No chemicals needed for disease control.
    • Less air space is needed around plants for higher density planting.
  • Used for Vegetables, flowers, herbs, organic &amp cannabis.

Technical information


Depth 930mm Width 2320 mm

Water condensation&nbsp@ 18°C, 80%RH

45 L/u
Weight ~825 kg Electricity consumption 10 kW
Height* 2410 mm + ~500 mm Electricity requirements 3 Phase, 400 V, 50 Hz
I (oper max) = 31 Amp
Area coverage** Tot 4000 m² Air flow ~22.000 m³/u
Optimal temperatures' range 10 - 25 ºC Type of refrigerant R507

* Exact height can be specifically adjusted
** Depends on the crop