CO2 Hose 94mm500m. 50cm square holes

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Product description

CO2 Hoses

  • CO2-hoses without mounting strip (Order custom made)
  • CO2 is the main fertilizer in horticulture,  where the dosage gets increasingly important and gets more and more attention
  • Thousands of euros have been invested  in the most optimal dosing system, such as fans and manifolds. It also takes a lot of time to calculate to determine where and what throttle valves between the manifolds must be installed in order to obtain an even better distribution of CO2. Therefore, a qualitative CO2 hose is a must.
  • With 4 holes, placed on "every quarter of the clock"
  • The CO2 hose is always measured flat
Width (mm) Thickness (Mµ) Roll length (m) Diameter hole (mm) Puncture distance (cm)
94 80 500 0,8 50

Can-Hub supplies a full range of Co2 hoses to suit any application. Feel free to contact us to give advice specially suited for your situation.