Precision batcher

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Product description

Our Green Vault System Precision Batcher is designed to offer you the flexibility to switch your packaging options, seamlessly. Or take your automation even further by designing line-specific packaging that includes everything from capping, labeling and seals. No matter how you work, we can help you build a system around it. 


The Precision Batcher has a weighing resolution of 0.01 grams. This allows for ultra tight tolerances when batching. For example, 1 gram batches will generally fall between 1.01 to 1.04 grams. It is virtually impossible for humans to reach this level of accuracy with any kind of speed.


The Precision Batcher uses AirKush technology, and not vibration, to move your flower through the machine, fostering an exponentially more gentle handling process that will preserve the quality and potency of your flower as you send it off to market.


The Precision Batcher can produce 20+ batches of flower per minute, allowing you to reduce your labor costs while increasing the efficiency of your process. Clients who incorporate our Precision Batcher into their system should expect a full ROI within six months to a year, assuming the packaging of 100-250 pounds per month.

Easy to use

Our processing and weighing equipment is easy to use, customize and clean. So you spend more time producing and less time on everything else.

Accurate 800 - 1000 packages an hour
Batch sizes 5 - 10g
Power Voltage

110 VAC 1 Phase 10 Amp
Available (220 Vac, 1 Phase, 5 Amp)

Dimensions High Configuration                    Low Configuration
42" x 67" x 115"                        121" x 74" x 70"
850 lbs.                                       900 lbs.
Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Polyethylene [ Low Configuration only ]