Canna- Force 11 5lt.

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Product description

Product description
Canna-force 11 is a liquid substrate improver, which contains a mix of microorganisms, namely 11 bacillus strains.
These beneficial bacteria have been selected for the property that they improve the soil structure, making the plant grow better and more resilient. In addition, Canna-force 11 helps improve soil life, which leads to better absorption of nutrients, among other things.
 Canna-force 11contributes to a better germination of the plant, to a good development of the root system and to the production of cell walls. All this stimulates resilience abiotic plant stress.
Composition Canna-force 11
The soil improver Canna-force 11contains from 11 carefully selected microorganisms:
  • Bacillus subtillus (three strains)
    Improves the absorption of food nutrients and organic substances
  • Bacillus laterosporus
    Breaks down dead organic matter and improves the rotting process
  • Bacillus pumilisz
    Improves the absorption of food nutrients and organic substances
  • Bacillus licheniformis (three strains)
    Increases the growth of the root system
  • Bacillus megaterium (two strains)
    Improves the absorption of phosphorus and potassium
  • Paenibacillus polymyxa
    Binds nitrogen from the air
Dosage Canna-force 11
For Canna-force 11 , the following dosages are recommended:
  • Rain pipes: 3-5 litres/ha. 250 ml x 100 liters of water per 1000 m2
  • Spraying: dissolve 0.5 liters of product in 100 liters of water on 1000 m2
Application Canna-force 11
Canna-force 11 can be used as substrate improver in cannabis cultivation. The product will improve substrates life and reduce plant stress, which has already been proven across several crops.

Do not use Canna-force products in combination with biocides and fungicides. This also applies to residues that are in the soil. There are possibilities by using excipients, ask our specialist for advice.
Concentration Canna-Force 11
Canna-Force 11  contains 108 CFU* organisms.
*CFU= Colony forming units
Packaging Canna-Force 11
Canna-force 11 is available in 5 litre cans with breathable cap.
Storage Canna-force 11
Store Canna-force 11 dry and cool (5-10 degrees). If the product is stored correctly, a shelf life of 12 months applies.