About Jim Pryor | International Operations Manager of Can-Hub

Jim Pryor is our international operations manager Can-Hub. He can advise customers about products for the professional Cannabis industry worldwide. With his knowledge and experience in the sector, he can advise growers in a personal way about the right approach to take. He offers complete, tailor-made and practical advice.

About Jim Pryor | International Operations Manager of Can-Hub

As a personal knowledge partner, Jim is close to the grower. Having good contact with customers is very important and therefore he likes clear and short lines of communication. He is committed to helping the client quickly, professionally and personally. He likes to communicate in person with the customer as part of their team, trying to help them reach their goals.

With passion, enthusiasm and dedication, Jim always helps to achieve the best result for the grower. If necessary, Jim is happy to provide advice in cooperation with other advisors in order to reach the best solution. In conjunction with partners, Can-Hub invests in innovation and develops cultivation methods using the latest cannabis technology.

Jims' way of working is characterized by his friendliness, ability to find solutions and his approachability. If you have any questions about the professional cannabis industry, please contact Jim Pryor.  

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